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Tyler Anne Solum



Mailing Address:

C/O Sol-King Studios

936-B 7th Street 

Novato, Ca 94945

Date of Birth:

Feb 2005

A Bit About Me

I am 15 years old and have a bright and sunny voice that can have either a childlike or young adult voiceprint.

I have been trained in music and vocals by professional voice teachers and coaches from an early age. I can read music and have a vocal range of 4 octaves (F3-C6). 

I began my voiceover training with The Voice Actor Studio in Las Vegas, and have parents who are also voice actors.

I record in a Studio Bricks VO edition, using an Audio Technica 2035. The interface is a Scarlett 2i2 on a windows 10 computer. Software includes; Audacity, Adobe Audition, Ocen Audio and Izotope

I am Source Connect, Zoom, and Skype capable and our sound floor is -75 to -100

Work Experience

June 2014 - Current

April 2015- current

December 2018- current

Voice lessons- Currently with Jere Torkelson of SF Opera.

Acting and theatrical experience with Sacramento Mermaids, MMTC, Stapleton Theater, NTC, and MSA

Theatrical Productions include: John Muir autobiography AMC credited as Youngest Daughter

Technical and Production Assistant experience with: Praetorian USA, Marin Musical Theater, and Red Barn Productions 

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